Radi hráte futbal?
Poďte hrať spoločne s nami na Festivale slovenského dedičstva 29. septembra 2024. Na 46. ročníku si zmeriame sily a posilníme športového ducha. Na tradičný futbalový zápas sa tešíme každý rok. Ak sa chcete zúčastniť, stačí vyplniť prihlášku.

At is acknowledged that I will be playing soccer for the Soccer Team and participating in the above Slovak Heritage Festival on September 29th, 2024. I acknowledge that this is a full participation sport, and I acknowledge that I am assuming the risk for any and all injuries that I may incur to myself and to others in relation to my participation in this event, the Slovak Heritage Festival Soccer Tournament.

I acknowledge that I hold the New Jersey Slovak Heritage Festival, Inc., the county of Middlesex, the Middlesex County Fairgrounds, Township of East Brunswick, and the state of New Jersey and all directors, o cers, commissioners, trustees, members, employees and volunteers of any of these organizations free from all liability for my actions and my participation in the Slovak Heritage Festival Soccer Tournament. I hereby accept responsibility for my actions freely and voluntarily and warrantee and indemnify the Slovak Heritage Festival Inc., Committees, the other authorities named herein and the State of New Jersey for my Actions and the actions of any participants or attendees at the Slovak Heritage Festival Soccer Tournament.

I fully understand this form as it is written in English and that the herein form does not have to be translated into Slovak for me to fully understand what I am signing.
Notary must witness Signature Sworn and subscribed to before me This day of 2024.